Saturday, 15 August 2015

Inspire Morse Code Necklace / Purple / Personalised / Customised...

Inspire Morse Code Necklace / Purple / Personalised / Customised / Bespoke / Secret / Hidden Message / Semiprecious / Gemstone / Magnesite by TheMagpieNestShop:

27.00 GBP

This piece is part of our gorgeous personalised Code Collection.

What better way to send a secret message to someone special? Using Morse code, a combination of dots and dashes, we can spell out your message in Tibetan silver beads and your choice of contrasting semiprecious magnesite beads.

The piece shown here is made from Tibetan silver beads and purple magnesite says “INSPIRE”. You can select this or choose your own short message and choice of colour.

The necklace measures approximately 45cm (almost 18″), and is fastened with a silver-plated magnetic barrel clasp. If you require your necklace to be a different length, just let us know.

All our items come beautifully packaged, with the secret message disclosed for the recipient.

Get in touch, and let us know what message you would like us to hide in your custom-made bespoke Morse code necklace or bracelet.

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